To Vick or not to Vick, that is the question (week 2 of NFL 2010)

“Kevin Kolb is my quarterback.”  This statement has been brought to you by the one and only Andy Reid more than once since the start of training camp.  Not a surprising revelation considering Reid drafted Kolb out of Houston, trained him under Donovan Mcnabb for 3 seasons, then traded the aforementioned winningest quarterback in franchise history within the division to pave the way for Kolb to take over.  How quickly things can change.  Michael Vick has played six quarters of football this season, Kolb has played two, and after the performance Vick showed this past Sunday it is unlikely Kolb will get a chance to increase that number.  Yes, it was against the Lions who sport one of the worst defenses in the league, and yes it is a well known practice in the NFL that players do not lose their starting jobs because of injury, however it was glaringly clear that the Eagles offensive line can’t block anyone and given Kolb’s lack of mobility the obvious choice for this team at this time has to be Vick.

In order for that to come to fruition Andy Reid must do something he has gotten pretty familiar with over the last few years, swallowing his pride.  Mr. Reid thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the National Football League, which is bold considering how many people make up the league and how many coaches have championship rings donned on their fingers while Reid has zero, nevertheless in thinking this way he has made many costly decisions. He was wrong about Sheldon Brown not being able to play, he was wrong about Brian Dawkins being over the hill and subsequently wrong that ‘Macho’ Harris could carry the burden of filling his shoes, wrong about Shaun and Stacy Andrews, about the fact that Jason Peters is as good as he made him out to be, and unfortunately wrong that Kevin Kolb is anything more than a glorified back-up in a league that eats that position for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

He was right to take a chance on Vick when no one else wanted him, you say?  A relatively innocuous response from an outside observer; however it isn’t hard to connect the dots as to why Reid took Vick in the first place.  Reid’s sons have had some drug problems in the past and in a time of need Tony Dungy stepped in to give the boys some guidance and help them onto the right path.  Dungy did the same thing for Michael Vick once he was released from federal prison.  If you don’t think that taking Vick was an ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ situation between Dungy and Reid than you are blind to the state of affairs.

Ultimately Vick found his way to Philadelphia, learned from Mcnabb for a year, and is now carrying the torch of the mobile quarterback in Eagle green.  He’s looked solid so far.  His ball has the same zip it once had in Atlanta, and it brings with it more accuracy than we have seen in the past, his legs look to be soundly back in the fold as the scariest in the league when in space, and both his decision making and patience in the pocket are greatly improved.  Some fans hate it, some dog lovers have shunned the team, and some don’t really care as long as they put Ws on the board.  Given the propensity for coaching turnover in the NFL Reid will ultimately choose the quarterback that gives him the best chance to win football games right now, not in the future.  Judging by the numbers there is a clear-cut Vick-tor in that race.  What? I had to do one bad pun before I could finish!

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