So This is What Parody Breeds? (Week 4 of 2010)

Improbable is a good way to describe the first four weeks of the NFL season. It’s improbable that the Pittsburgh Steelers escaped with a three and one record without their starting alleged sex crime offender, err quarterback. It is equally unbelievable that the once stalwart division of the NFC, the East, now looks like a bunch of cookie-cutter versions of themselves or that the San Francisco 49ers are winless thus far. Remember, they were supposed to win the NFC West according to many “experts”. Lets not stop there; the list goes on and on. The fact that the Arizona Cardinals sit atop their division with a negative-60 point differential, the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars both running all over the almighty Colts en route to wins against the perennial division winner, and Brett Favre’s Vikings looking mediocre at best thus far. All these occurrences are rather surprising to most NFL onlookers, however it goes both ways. It is definitely not surprising that the Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, and Buffalo Bills are all winless, or that the Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders are once again sitting in the bunker of their respective divisions.

But above all else, the one fact that simply takes the cake as being the most ridiculous stat thus far this season is that there is only one undefeated team left. No, that’s not so improbable? Have you seen who it is, the Kansas City Chiefs, by virtue of an early bye. That’s right, the team who boasts Matt Cassel at starting quarterback, a guy who started the same amount of games in college as me! Ok, so he backed up two Heisman winning quarterbacks, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinert, but he lost the job in 2003 to Leinert who was previously third string on the depth chart behind Cassel. In fact, the team used him as a tight end, wide receiver, special teams player, and halfback during his tenure and he never once threw a touchdown pass. Nevertheless he was fortunate enough to be drafted in the seventh round in 2005, ahead of Heisman Trophy winner Jason White. I guess the best question to ask is whether it is more unlikely that the Chiefs are undefeated or that Matt Cassel is now a legitimate starting QB in the NFL?

You can make the argument that they haven’t exactly played tough competition, but they’ve done their job so far, beating the teams they’re up against, and that’s really all you can ask for. Look, the team most likely isn’t winning a Super Bowl this year, that isn’t a surprise to anyone, but they sport a quality two headed rushing attack with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, a quality rookie return man in Dexter McCluster who is scary fast, a good big play receiver in Dwayne Bowe, and drafted a blue chip safety, Eric Berry, to help solidify the defense. Most importantly, the coaching staff drafted a security blanket for Cassel, tight-end Tony Moeaki who is being touted as the second coming of Tony Gonzalez. Not a bad comparison, right? With Todd Haley at the helm and quality coordinators, Charlie Weis on offense and Romeo Crennel on defense, the team is headed in the right direction. It is highly unlikely that the team carries on their unbeatable ways when they travel to Indianapolis this week and Houston the week after, but with a young core of first-class talent the Chiefs will easily be high on everyone’s big board in the coming seasons.

    • Nick Corcetti
    • October 5th, 2010

    I like the article, but certain readers dont appreciate the early reading and not crediting the steelers defense to the wins of tampa tennessee and atlanta

    other than that good read my man

    • it wasn’t about crediting the steelers D, it was about how improbable you guys starting 3-1 is given the circumstances. but yes, all the credit should go to your defense, and it will when i write about the steelers after their game in week 6.

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