Rather Have H20 Than a Cliff Bar?

Cliff Lee is nasty, seemingly untouchable in the playoffs, but I’d still rather have H20. Phillies fans learned last year that one pitcher does not make a team, and the belief that Cliff Lee can singlehandedly beat the Yankees in a seven game series has already been debunked. He probably made hundreds of millions of dollars by fanning 13 Yankees last night combined with his two World Series starts last year and so far being 7-0 in his postseason career with an ERA hovering around 1, but he can’t pitch every game. The Yankees themselves will most likely be depositing said money into his bank account over the next five or six seasons and will soon have a rotation just as good as Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt. It is no secret that the Yankees tried and true history is ‘if you can’t beat them, buy them’, and in their chronicles it has certainly worked in their favor.

H2O, aka Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt, easily win when compared to Cliff Lee, simply based on the number of times each would be available. I realize that Hamels was also on the roster with Lee last year, but he was a shell of his past and future self. His comeback can almost certainly be contributed to Halladay and his mentoring of the young pitching ace. It’s no secret that Lee quickly won over the hearts of Phillies fans; the day he was traded was not particularly a happy occasion for the fan base.; he wasn’t supposed to leave so soon! Acquiring Oswalt helped manage the sting a little bit, but people around the Philadelphia area are still huge Lee supporters, which is understandable. The guy is dominant in the postseason, but he also refuses to pitch on three days rest and mails it in at certain junctures of the regular season. Despite their batting woes the Phillies are more poised now to win a World Series than they were last year, and if I were Ruben Amaro I’d be happy about the end result.

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