Bye-Bye Grizzly Man

The Phillies lost to what looks to be the eventual World Series winner, the San Francisco Giants. The book was out all season on the phils and their inability to score runs like they could in the past, however one player that remembered what it felt like to hit home runs, Jayson Werth, tied the “All Time Postseason Homerun” list for National League players with 13. That is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that the likelihood of him donning the white and red pinstripes next year is somewhere in between slim and none. There are a number of factors that lead me to this conclusion, but I will narrow it to three.

Reason 1, the Phillies internal payroll cutoff point. If you keep in mind the fact that the Phillies will most likely offer Kyle Kendrick and Ben Francisco arbitration for the upcoming season and will include Domonic Brown on next year’s big league roster from the start, the Phillies will have about $139 million dollars allocated to 19 players. Add to that the departure of J.C. Romero, Jaime Moyer, Greg Dobbs, Mike Sweeney (most likely), and Chad Durbin (hopefully) which are holes that must be filled either internally or through free agency, and the efforts to resign Jose Contreras, a free agent, and the Phillies are easily over the 140 million dollar limit that Ruben Amaro stated he is strapped with.

Reason 2, the signing of Scott Boras. Boras happens to be the preeminent king of high priced baseball free agents and always seem to push the price tag a scorch higher than originally thought. Jayson Werth didn’t enter into the league as a highly touted youngster and has yet to receive a HUGE payday like most of his counterparts on the team have experienced. Therefore, I believe it is a foregone conclusion that when Werth signs on the dotted line the number of zero’s on the contract are much more important than the chance of winning is. After all, he already has a ring.

Reason 3, Domonic Brown. The Phillies already had a big name player toil around in the minors behind an acceptable major leaguer (Jim Thome) in Ryan Howard. Many baseball experts believe that the Phillies waited a bit too long in bringing the young kid up, a small mistake that I doubt they will do again. When they implanted Brown into the line-up this past season he quickly became a fan favorite. The Phillies could make him an everyday player in left field while running a double effort in right with Ibanez and Francisco. The winter league that Brown is playing in, how Ibanez recovers from a horrid postseason, and if Francisco and the Phillies agree on arbitration all factor into that scenario.

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