The Bench is Finally Calling

Having a streak is an admirable accomplishment in any sport, well except ping-pong. But there is a time and a place for every streak to come to an end. Cal Ripken Jr. knew it, and sat out a game voluntarily at the stadium where it all started, Camden Yards. Up next on the chopping block for streaks? Brett Favre, well at least I hope so. 291 straight starts at QB is astonishing, but now it is just plain silly. It is about time for Brett to take his rightful place on the bench for this upcoming weeks game given the fact that the grey-haired grandfather (yes, he really is a grandfather) was in a walking boot up until today, cannot prove that he can actually move in the pocket, and hasn’t done much to help his team win when he “guts it out” the way “only Brett Favre can do”.

Is it just me or did John Madden pass on his ridiculous love affair with number four to every other broadcaster in the business? Or is it that you are not allowed to be a Brett Favre detractor and have an NFL broadcasting job? Here’s a guy who has put multiple teams and fan bases through a waiting game for entire off-seasons and sometimes training camp. He seems to want to involve every media outlet but not involve the coaching staff or fellow players as to what he’s thinking. Maybe he thinks it looks more and more like a triumphant return for a King, but he seemingly forgets the small misnomer that he is a former king. Key word, former! He no longer scares defenses or has that innate ability to pull through in the clutch. In recent memory his late game passes usually end up in the hands of the opponents secondary.

Honestly, what is Brett Favre famous for over the last few seasons? Lets take a walk down Favre lane for a moment. He decided to retire from the Packers, only to sign with the Jets, then hurt his forearm midway through that season and tank the second half for a team poised for the playoffs. Afterwards he decided to retire and was subsequently released by the Jets. He quickly jumped onto the surgical table, because that’s the only sensible thing for a new retiree to do, right? Next, word surfaces that he is interested in playing for his long-time rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Why? Because they run the same offense as the Packers, because they have one of the best running backs in the league, because they could afford him the opportunity to play the Packers twice every season, and because they want him. Which is really what it boils down to in the end, Brett yearns to be needed.

I guess being pathetic on that level is not something that attracts Jenn Sterger, but I will get back to that one. Consequently, after another “I will, I won’t” summer, he ends up signing with the Vikings and has one of the best seasons of his career. After which talks of retirement again surface. After yet another “I will, I won’t” summer he is taken back to Vikings camp by way of a chartered plane, an extra four million dollars, and three players of the team. So far in this young season he has a QB rating under 70 (68), has thrown double digit interceptions (10) after throwing only seven all of last year, has double the amount of turnovers (14) than touchdowns (7), and sent numerous picture messages of his genitalia along with voicemails to the aforementioned Sterger.

Can we start to complain about Brett Favre yet? When is the time when everyone can stand up at his press conference and tell him he’s no longer welcome in the league? If the gentlemen on the corporate take are against taking that action I can assure you there are many fans that will do it for free. The aura of invincibility on the field is long gone for Favre, and the mystique of being a loving family man and husband has been thrown out the window as well. Frankly, what is left for Favre to ruin?

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