Taking A Different Look At It

After countless articles written about this Flyers team, and the pending Game 7 in Philadelphia I’ve decided to go a different route and take a look at the series from the Sabres’ fans point of view. Here it goes. For the record, I am 100% a Flyers fan, but I did this objectively.

Dear Buffalo Sabres,

What is going on? How are we facing elimination in an away game seven match-up against a team that has started three separate goalies in one playoff series when we could have ended their season at home last night? Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we have Ryan Miller? He’s supposed to be the ultimate equalizer.

Yes, our team isn’t as talented or as deep, even though both teams have had 10 goal scorers in the series.

But the Flyers leading scorer in the regular season was Jeff Carter, who is currently injured. Their biggest power play chip, Chris Pronger, barely played a lick in game 6 after sitting out the rest of the series and, from the looks of it, is still nursing his hand injury. (get it, nursing, because he’s a cry-baby. Pretty good, right?) Their captain, Mike Richards, has yet to put the puck in the net and nearly decapitated Tim Connolly yet received no retribution from any Sabre? Isn’t Mike Grier on this team for the sole purpose of making guys pay for such acts? I heard that they aren’t even going to review the hit, why does the NHL hate the Sabres so much? Their best plus/minus guy in the regular season, Matt Carle, is a minus four in the playoffs, yet they’re still tied.

Their goalie carousel is playing out like a soap opera. One of them, Michael Leighton, was an AHL guy the whole season, except for one game, and they decided to start him? Are you serious? In related news, it will probably sweep the daytime Emmy’s. That would be like starting Patrick Lalime. Even he had more starts in the regular season, four, than Leighton, and I think he sits in the box with our General Manager. Miller has two shutouts, and if he didn’t face so many shots this series would already be over.

Isn’t Danny Briere like 5’6”? I seem to remember that when he played in Buffalo! How do we constantly let him through our defense without sending him to the ice? He’s the Flyers top goal scorer for Pete’s sake. Isn’t it about time Tyler Myers just starts following him up and down the rink already? Every time I see that little guy skate through us I dream of what it would be like to see a mini-me line with him and Nathan Gerbe giving the one-two punch. It’s a shame we couldn’t re-sign him, but not surprising. This is Buffalo after all.

Ultimately, game seven will come down to the Sabres needing to actually score more than one goal to win. Thomas Vanek needs some help out there! He has five goals, no assists, and is a minus six. That single stat line shows that we don’t have any true goal scoring threats outside of him and our defense is not playing up to the usual standard. When will Drew Stafford wake up? He has taken the most shots on the team and has only one goal. How about Jason Pominville, where did his goal touch go? It’s a known fact that the Flyers goalies stink, why isn’t everyone just shooting from where ever they can?

With firepower abundant on the Flyers bench we need to figure out a way to continue to exploit the Flyers goalies in game seven. If their wingers get open they can pinpoint their shots much better than our roster could ever dream.

Miller can only do so much; we need someone to step up! Maybe Brad Boyes will finally justify us trading for him mid-season. He has yet to register a point in the series, so now is as good a time as any.

If we think we can win based solely on Miller shutting the Flyers potent offense down again we are in for a rude awakening. The big guys in that locker room are going to wake up. From Briere to Zherdev, that entire line-up can score, even their defense. Here’s hoping they don’t do it until next October.


Nervous Buffalo fan

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